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School teacher's assault is the latest attack on the ministry of Bradlee Dean -- and he needs your help

Enraged by the idea that Christianity has any part in the values of the Constitution, a public school teacher in Florida attacked two young street ministers at a Florida gas station.

And now Bradlee Dean, whose ministry is You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International, needs your help.

Can you donate to help to his ministry to the youth?

The teacher swung her purse and swore at two You Can Run staff members, and that’s just the latest act of intimidation against speaker Bradlee Dean, whose staff that day were simply handing out literature to passersby.

“Never, never, shame on you! Never put Christianity in public schools,” bawled the teacher, who claimed she taught the Constitution.

All the more reason why youth today need to be reached with the message that Christianity is part and parcel of our American foundation, and that we need to help children in the next generation, explaining to them that the Constitution and the Bible indeed blend together.

When we have public school teachers who hit, punch and swear, and cram their godless worldview on our unsuspecting children, don’t you think that we have to turn things around?

True American values

For more than ten years, You Can Run International ministry has educated youth in school assemblies and public venues about teaching traditional American values. This assault is not unique. Bradlee Dean has been maligned by MSNBC and its horrendously-liberal host Rachel Maddow, after which he and his family received death threats. His video on gay marriage was censored by YouTube.

Is it right when young people are pummeled with purses for standing up for the Biblical values of our Founding Fathers?

Bradlee’s work sounds almost like Paul in 2 Corinthians 11:25: “Three times I was beaten with rods, once I was pelted with stones, three times I was shipwrecked….”

Bradlee’s ministry cannot be stopped. His struggle is for the very soul of America. Isn’t it yours?

Will you help Bradlee and his ministry bring America’s noble values to youth by giving $5, $10, or more?

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When you support You Can Run International, you help these efforts: 

• Our ministry team saves the lives of unborn children and teaches constitutional, Biblical, and moral principles to the next generation. 

• Our street ministers travel around the country, reaching an estimated 3,000 souls each week with the Gospel. 

• Our ministry band, Junkyard Prophet, provides Gospel and Christian rock music for youth. 

• Our Sons of Liberty radio show broadcasts in 53 countries.

• Our events are scheduled nationwide in high schools, colleges, churches, and Tea Party events.

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