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Fight Back!

Uphold the Constitution and Biblical Values Against the George Sorus-Funded Petition 

You’ve read the news. The well-funded petition drive begun by Change.org threatens  to silence Christian preachers like Bradlee Dean.

We’ve been present at the Minnesota State Fair for eight years, and people have  loved our liberty-loving pamphlets, hats and T-shirts. Now, out of the blue, the left has  attacked us.

 And boy, do we need your help.

The left-wing petition at Change.org has garnered thousands of signatures among its radical membership and takes aim at our ministry, You Can Run But You Cannot Hide, and Sons of Liberty Radio concerning our booth and our youth team who talk to others about God and our country.

The controversial Change.org, which promotes a slew of left-wing causes, threatens not only our very existence, but that of every Christian preacher and youth organization that stands up for liberty and Bible-based values. Their charge of “hate crime” is nothing but a lie.

As Bradlee Dean has said, “Are we to believe that it is ‘hate’ to stand up for God's Word, the laws of our Constitutional republic, for marriage, and for the protection of our children? When does hate ever tell the truth? Love does that.”

Will Christians stand idly by? Will you?

Will you say YES to our fight for Justice?

Please get involved today:

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2. Donate to the cause. Either make a general donation, or give $20 and we will send you our brand-new “To Spit Against Heaven” DVD, which exposes the homosexual agenda. You’ll be shocked!

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